This Plan describes the requirements for the implementation of Quality Assurance And Control Execution to ensure that the construction work of the Project complies with the applicable technical documents and the Owner / Contractor requirements. Referring to this Site Quality Assurance And Control Plan, field inspection PLAN, non-conformance control Plan and others shall be approval by Contractor before the commencement of the work. All inspections to be performed solely by Contractor are out of the scope of the Plan. Check lists and forms applicable to the various discipline work shall be issued as an integration of the plan and shall be given to the Sub-Contractor to perform an certify the tests and inspections of the work done by their organization when included in their scope of work and as required by the documents listed in the Paragraph 2.



The technical documents to be used for the construction of the Project shall be available at the Sub-Contractor’s site office and shall include the followings :

  • Construction drawings,
  • P & I Diagrams.
  • Instruction manuals,
  • Code and standards,
  • Sub-Contractors general specifications,
  • S.P.A. specifications or Basic Practices,
  • Internal work Plans,
  • Vendors inspection and testing certificates,
  • Vendors requirements and instructions,
  • Other applicable documents,
The Sub-Contractor’s Document Controller shall ensure the availability of the necessary updated documents valid for construction monitoring all the documents receive at the site office. The availability of all the necessary documents shall be verified by the Sub-Contractor’s Document Controller shall ensure the timely issue of all the requested reports to the Sub-Contractor’s Construction Manager. Personnel performing Quality Assurance And Control activity shall be informed at any time of the latest approved documents and PLAN necessary for the execution of the work. Copies of such document shall be submitted to the S.P.A.



The receipt, storage and preventive maintenance of permanent materials on the SITE shall be monitored, reported and controlled by the Sub-Contractor’s Material Controller in accordance with the PLAN. Such PLAN indicates the responsibility for carrying – out the checks and inspections on MATERIALS receiving on the SITE and relevant indentification in order to ensure their traceability. The above PLAN includes also the measures to be implemented for MATERIALS withdrawal and return from / to the warehouse. Inspections shall be made by the Sub-Contractor’s field supervisors or Field Quality Controller to verify the conformance of the identification and preservation measures adopted for the stored materials with the relevant S.p.A., with sufficient time, of the date of the relevant inspection.



Before the commencement of the construction work, the competent Sub-Contractor’s field supervisor assigned by the Sub-Contractor’s Construction Manager shall ensure that the following requirements are fulfilled. 4.1. Reference Documents The Contractor’s and Sub-Contractor’s documents to be used for the construction work shall be listed, available and updated when necessary.

4.2. Test and Inspection forms

Suitable test and inspection forms agreed by Contractor, where required, shall be available for all the tests and inspections to be performed at any progress of the work.

4.3. Work Plants

All PLANS required by the contract documents or necessary to perform the work in compliance with Contractor’s requirements, shall be prepared by the Sub-Contractor and shall be made available to be Sub-Contractor’s field supervisors and Contractor for proper execution and checking of the work. When such Plants are required to be qualified by the Sub-Contractor according to technical specification as may be the case of special process (welding, heat treating, non-destructive testing, cleaning, etc.), such qualification shall be performed and recorded in a proper file by the Sub-Contractor’s field engineer.

4.4 Qualified Personnel

All Sub-Contractor’s personnel performing inspection and testing activity, special process and construction activity which are required sufficient experience and qualification shall be identified and qualified by the Sub-Contractor’s QA/QC Engineer after passing qualification test or interview with personnel job experience record, etc. Such qualification documents shall be kept in a proper file at the Sub-Contractor’s site offices.

4.5 Special Process and Measuring Equipment

The instruction and Plans to be prepared by the Sub-Contractor or vendors shall be approved by Contractor and shall be applied for the control of special process and measuring equipment. They shall be identified to perform tests, measuring or work together with instruction for their use, calibration and storage. The calibration and setting shall be performed by Sub-Contractor at stated periods as required by manufacturers against certified equipment of valid national standards. The calibration records shall be easily traceable to the equipment and maintained in their site office.

4.6 Inspection Plan

A suitable inspection plan for all disciplines shall be prepared by the Sub-Contractors field engineer to ensure compliance with the requirements of job specifications and standards. This plan shall be agreed upon between Contractor and Sub-Contractor. Such plan may be a status sheet or a narrative description of the list of inspections and tests to be performed during the field fabrication or installation of equipment, structure, piping, etc., associated with the relevant progress of the work. It shall be also indicate the operations or processes to be performed including the characteristics to be measured, the method of examination, the applicable acceptance criteria, the requirements for the documentation to be produced the applicable PLAN, if any, the name of the inspector and the withess of the Sub-Contractor and/or Contractor.



The Contractor’s discipline field engineers and supervisors shall ensure that the work relevant to their discipline is carried-out by the Sub-Contractor in accordance with the latest approved construction drawings and specifications and Contractor’s requirements.

5.1. At least the following verification shall be performed. 

  • Materials to be used for construction is always identifiable and properly preserved,
  • The personnel performing special processes is qualified and identifiable,
  • The latest approved construction documents are being used,
  • Scheduled measurements, inspections and tests are being performed as planned,
  • The special process equipment being used is correctly identified, calibrated and set,
  • Measurement and testing equipment being used is identified and calibrated properly as per plans.
  • The approved work plans and plans are being followed by the Sub-Contractor’s,
  • Planned measures are being implemented to protect the work being performed.
  • The Sub-Contractor’s QA/QC Engineer are informed in advance and they have agreed upon the date of inspection and test according to the inspection and test schedules,

Defects discovered in the work performed by the Sub-Contractor’s are identified and adequate corrective actions to be planned by Contractor’s field engineer are implemented, The Contractor’s engineer is informed in advance of the date of inspection and test which he requires to witness,

Any supplementary test or verification required by Contractor or deemed necessary Pre-Qualification Document Khalid S. Al-Shahrani Est. Page 27 

during the course of the work by the Sub-Contractor’s QA/QC Engineer or the Sub-Contractor’s Construction Manager shall be performed and documented.

5.2 Dimension Control

The Sub-Contractor’s discipline Field supervisors shall ensure that suitable plans and plans for controlling dimensions of the field fabricated equipment, structure, foundation and piping are available and implemented. Such plans and/or plans shall provide for the verification of critical dimensions and position of interface components before proceeding with work that shall increase the cost of correction possible errors or that shall lengthen the construction schedule if errors are discovered later in the construction sequence.




After construction or installation, the work shall be subject to all final tests and inspections agreed with Contractor and those mentioned in the relevant contract documents.



The planned tests and inspections shall be carried out by the Sub-Contractor’s inspectors under Contractor’s supervision. The coordination of inspection work shall be ensured by Contractor’s discipline field engineer to avoid disruption of work execution or interference with other work being performed. Any deviation or amendment to the requirements or provisions of this PLAN shall be agreed by Contractor.



All tests such functional, proof, hydrostatic, acceptance, as required, shall be performed in accordance with the plans or plans agreed between Contractor and Sub-Contractor. These plans or plans shall incorporate the requirements and acceptance and rejection criteria contained in the applicable specifications, standards or other applicable contract documents.

8.1 Test PLAN shall include at least the following : 

  • Calibrated instrumentation ,
  • Adequate equipment,
  • Trained, qualified or certified personnel,
  • Preparation of the item to be tested,
  • Suitable environmental condition,
  • Test medium or power characteristics,
  • Acceptance and rejection criteria,
  • Condition of the item after testing (removal of test fluid, washing, drying, power, etc.),

8.2 Inspection items to be witnessed by the Sub-Contractor and Contractor.

The PLAN shall require that test results are documented and evaluated by qualified engineers or inspectors. Suitable check lists for the correct conditioning of the item being tested before and after the test should be available and followed.



The evaluation of the results of check, tests and inspections shall be performed by the Sub-Contractor’s QA/QC Engineers or other qualified individual delegated by them and approved by the Sub-Contractor’s QA/QC Engineer. The evaluation shall include the verification of the conformance and completeness of the tests and inspections with respect to the plans, plans and relevant requirements.

The inspection results reported on the relevant inspection reports and/or certificates shall be accepted after verifying their compliance with the requirements of the relevant specifications, standards, drawing, etc., by Contractor’s field engineers who shall sign on the inspection reports and/or certificates. When the results do not comply with the requirements given by the said documents, Contractor’s QA/QC Manager before issuing a non-conformance report shall investigate the correctness of the PLAN used for inspections, the instrument calibration and setting, the qualification of the welders, etc. in order to confirm whether the defect is defined as a non-conformance item or not. When the non-conformance is confirmed, the relevant item shall be treated as per the Sub-Contractor’s non-conformance control PLAN agreed upon between Contractor and Sub-Contractor during the work.



The final reports and certificates of checks, tests and inspections of the work shall be collected and issued by the Sub-Contractor’s QA/QC Engineer to Contractor in accordance with the relevant plans or specifications. The documentation shall include the following information : 

  • Item and place being tested,
  • Time and date performed test,
  • Type of check, test and inspection, and its result,
  • Person performing,
  • Instrument identification number (when applicable),
  • Witness by whom,
  • Reference documents for requirements (when applicable),
  • Reference documents for item identification and positioning,




The Sub-Contractor’s Field Quality Assurance and Control Engineer shall ensure the implementation of PLAN for the filing of all documents relevant to inspections and tests in each site office. Such PLAN shall be defined all coordination PLAN required among Contractor and Sub-Contractor. The PLAN shall indicate the method of preservation, number of copies, indexing of filing, quality of reproduction, retrievability and final disposition at the completion of the work. Retained records shall include :

  • Results of review, tests, inspections, audits and material analyses,
  • Monitoring reports of work performance,
  • Qualification records of personnel, plans and equipment,
  • Drawings, specifications, necessary,
  • Calibration plan and reports,
  • Non-conformance reports and corrective actions,
  • Vendors instructions, requirements and recommendation, if required,
  • Vendors latest approved drawings,
  • Material and documents status reports,
  • Vendors inspection and testing certificate, if necessary,
  • As built drawings,
  • Quality Assurance